About Rare Artist

The EveryLife Art Contest was established to exhibit the unique gifts of individuals affected by rare diseases and to promote the expression of their stories through art.


The Gallery is intended to showcase the artwork and the Artist, in order to raise awareness about rare diseases and showcase our vibrant community.

Art is the expressive medium used to capture the trials and triumphs of our human existence. For rare disease patients, life can be a day-to-day struggle wrought by a devastating disease and unanswerable questions. Art as an expression of these challenges in life and in living each day, can be a particularly powerful medium to guide all of us, in our struggles and successes. Artists affected by rare disease communicate their pain, frustration, optimism and joy, and through their work we can learn more about ourselves., established in 2010, is an online gallery dedicated to artists affected by a rare disease. creates a permanent, free, virtual space where “rare artists” can express themselves and create a platform for public viewing.

At you can view exceptional works from artists of all ages. We welcome anyone whose life is touched by a rare disease– you, a family member, someone you care for – to upload your own art and share your story. We encourage the rare disease community to continue to contribute their work to the site to grow the collection.


Company Overview was created for artists affected by a rare disease.

For more information on the EveryLife Foundation’s work to support the rare disease community please visit