“I still can’t believe I won! Some of my very best memories are of that contest and I can say sincerely, changed the trajectory of my life. Whenever I wanted to give up of felt I wasn’t good enough, Lars would bring up Rare Artist and I’d have to accept the possibility of being a really, real artist. Thank you for giving me the confidence to keep going.”

-Morgan Adams, 2016 Awardee for her piece Loud and Proud

I think the idea behind this is awesome, and I love that there is a visible platform where I can see the work that other artists with rare diseases have created. I’m excited to enter!”  – Shelby Rexrode 2019

“Please continue this … it gives us, those with rare diseases, a venue to express their feelings about their disease and has opened up a sense of self confidence in my work that I never experienced before receiving the outstanding Art Merit Awards, so thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving us this opportunity!”

“Soooo nice! I honestly was not going to enter the contest again, but when I saw that we could submit for sculptures, I simply could not resist. I began sculpting and had to share! Art has honestly changed my life. Funny how things work out. .. The little blessings among the wreckage of illness.. I really do appreciate everything that you and your entire organization has done for me — and for everyone else! You are a dream! Sending Love and goodness…”

“Thanks so much — what a fun creative way to raise awareness. Molly is thrilled that she won a Special Artist Merit for her lovely portrait of her frazzled Mom!”

“I’d like to thank you again for the opportunity you all gave Lauren over the past year to participate in such an important program. It was the highlight of the year for her, and she’s already painted two new paintings for this year’s contest! Thank you so much for giving her something to look forward to and to work so hard for! We deeply appreciate everything you do for rare families! Hope this year’s contest draws even more participants!”

“Thank you for the announcements acknowledging the acceptance of the art work submitted for my daughters, for the Everylife First Annual Art Contest. Our family is both thrilled and honored that the girls’ art work has been selected for such an important message to the community, and we truly appreciate the opportunity to be a part of this inaugural effort.”

“WOW!!! Thank you! I am so excited to be selected! And to help bring public awareness and access to treatment with people with rare diseases!!!”