Sue Colton Merit Award

Sue Colton

Merit Award

“Creativity takes Courage” – Henri Matisse

In September of 2017, the EveryLife Foundation and Rare Disease community suffered a significant loss with the passing of our dear friend and loyal colleague, Sue Colton.

Sue was a valued member of the EveryLife Foundation team, serving in various roles over four years and helping to build the Foundation into what it is today. She was dedicated to the Foundation’s mission and the patients we serve. Sue’s energy, humor and unrelenting optimism will forever be

missed by her family, our team and the rare disease community.

As Director of Development, Sue cultivated many of EveryLife’s programs. The Rare Artist program held a special place in her heart, as she had a great appreciation for art and the creative spirit. The Sue Colton Merit award was established in 2017 in honor of Sue. This award serves as a reminder that self expression through art brings forth healing and allows our personal stories to endure.

Nell Ystebo, 9


Children – Sue Colton Memorial Merit Award

I drew this lion in my drawing class with chalk, but I didn’t like the sound that the chalk made on the paper. The lion is very strong and young and is laying in the grass. I drew the mouth and nose making an upside-down heart. I have not drawn a lion before and I never drawn with chalk. I love animals and hope someday I can see a lion in real life.

Ann Hursey - Sue Colton

Anna Hursey


I’m Anna, I’m 13 years old, and I was diagnosed with Hypermobile Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, Dysautonomia, and OI. The awareness symbol for EDS is the zebra, and that’s what inspired my painting. The title of this piece is “Dazzling”, since a group of zebras is called a dazzle. I hope that this painting can inspire other rare disease warriors. Thank you!