Contest Rules & Guidelines

Christina Baltais – Sea of Grief

Submission Criteria:

  • All participants are connected to the rare disease space. Meaning you or someone you know are affiliated with a disease that has less than 200,000 cases in the United States. Not sure? Please email to verify.
  • Each artist is allowed up to two submissions each in their chosen age category, but you are only able to win one award.
  • Regardless of if you are submitting via Facebook or through email we ask for the following information; an image description (or artist statement), title of artwork, first and last name, contact name (if you are submitting on someone‚Äôs behalf), email, phone, age and rare disease affiliation.
  • All participants must acknowledge they have read the digital release form. All finalists must sign a digital release form.

Ten Redefined by Hertz Nazaire

Submitting on behalf of someone else:

  • Participants are able to submit on behalf of others in the event that someone is unable to submit themselves.
  • We ask that you clarify who the artist is and who is submitting. We want the artist to get full credit for their work.
  • All prize money and travel stipends go directly to the artist, not the person who submitted on their behalf with the exception of an artist who is under 18 years old.
  • When possible, please always include the artist in any correspondence with the contest curator.
  • Any participant who has submitted artwork that is not their own and is attempting to take credit for the art is subject to disqualification.

The lonely and sad life of a rare disease by Alicia Bell

File Requirements:

  • 2 MG or higher (in order to re-produce the images for the large poster displays for the Rare Artist Reception, we need hi-res images to work with).
  • The contest curator is not able to change your file size after submissions.
  • Participants are able to use any medium they want to, but in order to submit, we need a photo of the artwork.
  • Ideal photos of the artwork do not include anything but the art piece itself. No frames, no background items. The curator is not responsible for cropping any of the submissions.
  • We accept jpeg, png and gif files only.
  • If you are submitting more than one piece, please label with the title.

Ballerina watercolor by Tera Grasser

A note on cheating:

  • Participants may cast a vote every ten days for the Public Facebook entries. Heyo (the company hosting the contest) does everything in their power to prevent cheating of any kind. However, it does unfortunately still occur from time to time. We ask that all participants in the contest act in good faith and conduct themselves with only the best intentions. The spirit of the contest is about sharing our stories through art and spreading rare disease awareness.
  • Participants are able to enter the contest as many years in a row as they would like, however they are unable to receive a finalist award two years in a row. If we have someone how missed this, please be honest at the time of awardee notifications.
  • Only original artwork may be submitted. A reproduction of artwork not belonging to the artist is not eligible for submission.

Old and New by Holden Green

Award Guidelines:

  • Participants are un-able to receive awards two years in a row.
  • While the contest is open to our international friends abroad, we are unable to provide travel stipends to Washington DC without a Unites States residence address.
  • Check awards require an address and the full name of who the check is payable to.