Special Artistic Merit

“Advent” is a piece based on a dream of a very fragile girl. She embodied innocence and mystery, a celestial being trapped in a human body. I wanted to base the image around frost because nothing seems more fragile and ephemeral. The entire image is digitally painted, excluding the fur shawl which is manipulated photographs of fur.
Marfan Syndrome hadn’t had too much of an impact on me until I was older. During high school I was inspired to undertake a fundraiser in support of the Canadian Marfan Association in which I compiled a calendar from artwork of artists in my class who agreed to contribute. I would have to say that having Marfan Syndrome has given me lots of learning opportunities, I’ve learned things while researching that I would have never discovered otherwise. It has also been the inspiration for some of my work and for that I feel almost privileged; like I have my own slightly different way to view the world.

By Alicia Petroff

Age: 20
Disease: Marfan Syndrome
Submissions: 2
Date: January 31, 2012
City: Halifax
State: International