Angel Emerges

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Adult Photography/Digital Art (age 18+)

When I was a little boy, I dreamed of all the possibilities in the world. I dreamed of being seen and heard so I could tell stories to the people. I wanted to open their spirits and provoke their minds.
As a child, I was homeless. My mother never let me believe that I was experiencing a life less than anyone else’s though. She was strong, and so was I. I kept moving forward toward my dreams. I began to sing and act on stage and I saw my dreams manifesting. That is, until I fell severely ill with chronic fatigue syndrome. I was devastated and thought that my dreams were over.
I had a vision. I felt a warm golden light above me and heard a voice telling me that it was not over; my dreams were actually about to begin. I still had stories to tell and dreams to live. Though my body was weak, my spirit was not, as I began creating art in my pockets of wellness. This artwork is a result of an incredibly passionate soul bursting through the body of a man determined to manifest his childhood dreams. Each piece of art that I create tells a story; a message, a chapter, a dream.
I dedicate my art to all people living with rare diseases and other hardships that the world cannot always see. We are in this world together. So lift your spirits high my friends, and join me in being a dreamer…

By Franky Dolan

Age: 31
Disease: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and POTS
Submissions: 12
Date: December 26, 2011
City: San Francisco
State: California