Are We Done Yet?


Adult (age 18+)

The butterfly has become the symbol of hope for those of us with lupus. I carry the
telltale mark as do so many of those of us afflicted with lupus – the ever prevalent butterfly rash. The rash is prominently displayed across our faces. But the butterfly is also a symbol of life. It represents freedom and transformation. So when lupus changed my world, I used that symbol of hope for a new beginning. I could no longer enjoy life as it had been. So I picked up a paintbrush and I have rarely put it down since. Eventually I began to emerge and spread my wings and take on the transformation into the realm of art. Art is therapeutic and somehow you forget you are ill and venture into a world you might not otherwise see. With each stroke of the brush, there is a freedom that cannot be explained. With each finished painting . . . there is once again life.

By Kathy Michels

Age: 50
Disease: systemic lupus, fibromyalgia
Submissions: 4
Date: January 21, 2012
City: Middletown
State: Pennsylvania