Blues Never Looked so Good


Special Artistic Merit

CRPS or RSD, is a progressive neurological disease that results in severe burning pain 24/7/365 days, it is known as one of the most painful diseases known to man. I know each morning I wake there is one constant looming never going away, PAIN, it consumes every aspect of life! Depression is the number one killer, suicide may appear as a viable solution to some on nights that just don’t end! This picture depicts that sadness, the blues merged with darkness but wait, see those beautiful yellow flowers starting to bloom? That is my hope, that someday there will be a cure. I try to see good in every gloomy day I have, if we search long and hard we can find at least one positive in our days to pull us through. My artwork often depicts this darkness and depression with a ray of sunshine I call hope. So as you walk beside or sit next to someone who could use a smile, try giving yours it just might be that ray of sunshine they needed to survive!

By Denise Shaw

Age: 42
Disease: RSD CRPS
Submissions: 10
Date: March 5, 2013
City: Blossvale
State: New York