buoys, a boat and reflections


Special Artistic Merit

I have had symptoms of Behçet’s Disease (autoimmune vasculitis) for most of my life but was only diagnosed 3 years ago, age 48. Had I not recognised the symptoms for myself I do not believe I would have ever got any help because my Drs. immediate reaction was that I could not have it because it is far too rare, then realization set in and she agreed I have had symptoms since before age 4. I was immediately referred and diagnosed within weeks. I cope with huge amounts of pain and discomfort but find the almost constant fatigue and overwhelming tiredness the greatest challenge. When I do have energy I love to record what I see around me in photographs and I enjoy sharing my view of life in this medium since I now find painting too exhausting. I was an illustrator of postage stamps/books and magazines etc. when I was younger but prefer the immediacy of photography now. This photograph reminds me of warm, happy summer holidays.

By Annette Robinson

Age: 50
Disease:  Behçet’s Disease
Submissions: 10
Date: February 27, 2013
City: Hertford