Teens (ages 12-17)

When my little cousin was born with Hydrocephalus, we were all sad and scared because the information we got about the disease gave a pessimistic view of it. With every shunt procedure and other setbacks…we thought we might have to prepare to say goodbye. But through all the surgeries and illnesses, we are holding on to each other and to the hope that there will be victory for us in this battle in the form of a cure someday. My piece, “Closure” is a shows the joy and pain of holding on to our loved ones despite the obstacles in our way. In it, unity in spite of challenges is a focal point. Current realities are represented visually: one subject is in color in a bathroom, the other is in black and white and a far distance away…holding on with both hands seeking stability in life after the chaos. I want my piece to serve as a small symbol of comfort and encouragement to families who are coping with finding closure in dealing with rare conditions.

By Kevin Cobb

Age: 17
Disease: Hydrocephalus
Submissions: 1
Date: December 14, 2011
City: Nottingham
State: Maryland