Cripple Punk Self Portrait

Cripple Punk Self Portrait


Michaela Oteri

Cripple Punk is a movement created by Tyler Trewhella (RIP), specifically by the physically disabled for the physically disabled, about embracing yourself and all of your scars. This greatly inspired me to start a series of portraits of disabled people.

This is a portrait of myself: a fat, white, disabled woman sitting in her wheelchair with her forearm crutches visible behind her and surgical scars on her knees. I drew this in an Art Nouveau/Mucha inspired style and I accented with princess lilies because they mean a lot to me and are a symbol of the relationship I have with my mother who is also disabled.

My shirt says, “The Future Is Accessible” (a saying coined by Annie Segarra), emphasizing the point that we, as disabled people, deserve a future that welcomes us and doesn’t hold us back. Instead of our limitations being swept under the rug, they should be realized.