Dancing Beauty


Special Artistic Merit

Look closely and you can see the beautiful strokes, lines and finger prints that went into sculpting this clay piece by hand. This mini statue is very raw in every sense of the word, made to show the connection between all things living. She is made from the roses as you can see. There is an intuitive process before all of the artwork that I create. I meditate beforehand and wait to see what or who wants to come through next. She dances with grace, leaving all troubles to rest in her footsteps of the past. Let her keep dancing and she will be free, she will be alive, and she will be forever. To hold her is to feel her soul. She is the dancer that is in all of us, wanting to glide with ease and with music in our lives, every step of the way.

By Franky Dolan

Age: 31
Disease: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and POTS
Submissions: 12
Date: December 26, 2011
City: San Francisco
State: California