Grandma’s Honeymoon


Special Artistic Merit

I am Tia Piziali’s paternal Grandmother. I have done art with Tia from the time she was six months old. It brings her tremendous joy and captures her concentration for long periods of time. She thinks of herself as an artist and it has contributed greatly to her self esteem. It is a rich activity which does not center on food as reward or pleasure.

“Scribble Scramble” came out of the question, “How do you feel sometimes?” I think it gave her a sense of control and joy to capture all of the different shapes and colors into one defined space. She enjoyed making the piece and loved the way it looked when it was finished.

By Holly Lee

Age: 33
Disease: Fibromyalsia
Submissions: 3
Date: May 6, 2010
City: Lebanon
State: Pennsylvania