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Christopher Pena

Christopher is 5 years old and is affected with Barth syndrome. There are only about 150 known cases of Barth syndrome in the world! Christopher has been through a lot with his health challenges, including being a hospice patient for the first 15  months of his life. He takes 25 doses of medication each day not including injections. He rarely complains and is a true inspiration to others around him. At a very young age, he found art to be a wonderful release . His favorite method of art is painting, which is how “Spirit in the Pasture” was created. Christopher has  a wonderful imagination and all who views his work agree that he is a true budding artist.  He has graciously donated the original of this painting to the local children’s hospital where he receives his care. We are so thrilled that he won the rare art contest because this is one more way to show him things that he CAN do instead of the things he cannot because of his disability .. We also hope this helps promote further awareness about Barth syndrome.

Age 5