Special Artistic Merit Awards

This pen and ink pointillism drawing took over 600 hours to complete. It captures a young boy’s first experience with a brand new life, and his innocent love and tenderness as he cradles a newborn kitten.
Every Picture is a Victory

Completing each and every one of my artworks is a victory. My MS has compromised my left hand – which is my drawing hand. I used to tape pens and brushes to my hand since I couldn’t hold them. Occupational therapists created a brace to help me with this problem, but each individual artwork requires many hours. My tears have fallen on many of my works, due to the intense pain I have to work through to complete them.
Each tear turns to joy as I complete an artwork. The art I share with you is filled with hope, love and dreams,and I hope it brings a smile to your face, as it does to mine. Each completed piece is my victory, and I share this victory with all of you.

By Judi Bartnicki

Age: 60
Disease: MS
Submissions: 13
Date: January 22, 2013
City: Georgetown
State: Massachusetts