Misty Lachance

Children (ages 5-11)

My name is Lauren Lachance, and I am a 9 year old artist living with McCune Albright syndrome (MAS). My disease limits my mobility and causes me to use a wheelchair part-time. Thankfully, artwork allows me to express my thoughts and interests, and inspires me to make a difference in this world!

My painting, “Misty” is of my dog. This is a great representation of my undying love for both her and art! They both inspire me and fill me with happiness, allowing me to be my best without being overshadowed by my disease.

Art has changed my life! Last year some of my artwork was published in the book, You Can’t Find A Rainbow In The House!, with the proceeds from its sale being donated to The MAGIC Foundation, an organization that helps other kids like me.

Also, I was invited to attend a book signing event at the MAGIC Foundation’s Annual Medical Convention in Wheeling, Illinois. I was thrilled to meet other kids and hoped to inspire them to reach for their dreams too!

Finally, I was invited to be the guest speaker for “Read Across America Day” at my school, where I answered questions and spoke of how artwork has helped me to express myself and become more confident.

Artwork is what defines me as a person, not my disease! Through it, I hope to inspire, give hope, help others, and make the world a better place!

By Lauren Lachance

Age: 9
Disease: MAS
Submissions: 1
Date: May 6, 2010
City: Hopkinsville
State: Kentucky