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Special Artistic Merit Awards

My name is Bryce Czekanski, I’m 15 years old, and I have Hurler-Scheie. Living with my disease gives me a lot of time to draw and make art. Every Tuesday I go up to the hospital for treatments for most of the day. This gives me lots of time to draw. I am also taking an art class in school which gives me even more time to draw everyday. The two pieces of art I’m submitting are ones I made in art class. The colored pencil one shows some of the other activities I enjoy doing in my free time. The stack of books shows my love for reading. Drawing has been great for me, it allows me to express myself and it passes a lot of time. I’m glad I’ve been given this skill and I hope to continue drawing.

By Bryce Czekanski

Age: 15
Disease: Hurler-Scheie
Submissions: 2
Date: February 21, 2013
City: Fairport
State: New York