Sadie’s Stuff

Sadie's Stuff-Macksi Warner

Special Artistic Merit

I made this drawing to show how overwhelming PKU can be. It is meant to depict how much it takes on a daily basis to keep my one year old daughter, Sadie, healthy. Since PKU is treated by diet, there is no magic pill I can give Sadie to make her better. It is my job, as her mother, to maintain her health with a strict low-protein diet. This takes so much effort, tools, organization, and patience each day. When I thought about all of the “stuff” I use everyday that I never used before it was almost ridiculous. The amount of measuring and weighing a PKU patient or parent must do each day is immense. I drew a huge pile of the “stuff” that it takes to keep Sadie healthy and maintain her diet. On top, she sits, a little precarious but completely unaware of the danger of toppling over the side. I wanted to show how she remains on top of this pile as she remains healthy and happy because of all we must do each day. One day, this responsibility will be hers and, hopefully, she will always feel like she is “king” of her mountain of stuff!

By Macksi Warner

Age: 32
Disease: PKU
Submissions: 1
Date: May 6, 2010
City: Queensbury
State: New York