The Weight of a Million Little Things


Special Artistic Merit

Inspired by the breathtaking beauty of the natural world, Amy creates images that provide the opportunity to stop, look closely, and explore the depths of each multi-layered picture. She has developed a uniquely complex process combining a variety of printmaking methods and incorporating a mix of media. Amy has been making things with her hands and creating images all of her life. This is her way to connect with the world and provides a path of self-discovery.

I have continued this journey through the almost twenty years since I was diagnosed with Scleroderma. For me, making art has been both restorative and a release, allowing for the emotional expression of the complexity of daily living with a chronic illness. Learning to function with pain or fatigue or just “not feeling right” has required lifestyle changes but the mental struggle of learning to accept my physical limitations has been my greatest challenge.

Among my diverse portfolio, three self-portraits represent this experience. After weeks of being ill with the glands in my face so inflamed that I could barely recognize my own reflection in the mirror, I needed to explore who I really am. Creating “4XBlue” would lead me to some understanding. The arrival and promise of springtime, along with the improvement of health and mood, inspired “Breathe In”. With “The Weight of a Million Little Things” I faced the knowledge that life can still wear me down if I don’t remain conscious of the need to take care of myself.

By Amy Farrell

Age: 59
Disease: Scleroderma
Submissions: 3
Date: March 5, 2012
City: Pawling
State: New York